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How To Increase Website Traffic in One Week (4 Free Methods)

How To Increase Website Traffic in One Week (4 Free Methods)

Hi friends today, i will show you how to get traffic to your website from the first week or even from the first day. This is the best and the fastest method to get traffic to your website, especially for beginners and those who don’t have any audience yet. Starting from scratch, before i start here — is my website and you can see in the public similar web extension analytics, i’m getting around 278 000 visits per month. My other website age super tools, my free seo, on digital marketing tools.

Website. You will see here i’m getting around 132 000 visits per month, i’m showing you this to add some authenticity and trust that this video is not just talking from nothing. I apply these methods, everything i explain here on my channel. I apply on my own website, so i’m sharing with you my own experience. So, let’s start now with the first website to get traffic, and this website is my best — is the fastest method to get traffic to get targeted traffic, which is cora.

If you are following me, you know, i talk a lot about korra and i will always talk about quora because believe me, it’s one of the best websites to get traffic and to build audience now in korra to make things somehow fast. You have mainly three methods to get traffic, two are free and one is paid. The paid method is to go here and go to ads manager and run quora ads. I explained in detail how quora ads in one of my videos, if you want you, can check it, but in this video here we are talking about three methods, so in quran mainly, we have two three methods.

Number one is to answer questions so here on quora. You can go and search for questions related to your niche. Let’S say you are talking about health and fitness, so let’s say health, whatever health and fitness topic search for health and then you can filter by questions and you can filter. Maybe the last week questions and you can go and start answering these questions and linking back to your website number one rule. Don’t spam give value and you will see awesome results from the first day.

Believe me, from the first day, number two rule don’t promote affiliate links directly inside quora. It is not allowed create landing pages. If you want to learn in detail how to use quora, my eight secret tips to get the most out of quora. You can go here to my channel and watch my video. I will keep the link in the description below or somewhere here on the screen anyway.

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